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Coyote Grills offers the perfect balance between premium features, quality craftsmanship and affordability. When it comes to building an outdoor kitchen Coyote Outdoor Products allows you to create the perfect outdoor dining experience within a fraction of other brands. Coyote Grills allows you to indulge in premium features, such as the infrared rear burner, allowing you to cook rotisserie chicken on your new Coyote Grill and other features like Orange LED knob lighting to wow the night atmosphere. Looking for a luxury-style grill, without the price tag? The Coyote S-Series Grill is top-tier performance while including some of the richest design features offered by any outdoor grill. Coyote also offers outdoor kitchen storage, refrigeration, side cookers and many more Coyote Outdoor Products. All Coyote Grill models are backed by a limited warranty.

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