Louisiana Grills

Louisiana Pellet Grills offer a classic 'barrel smoker' design with valuable cooking space, solid construction, and a wide range of versatility that allows you to bake, roast, braise, smoke, char-grill, sear, and grill with ease. Louisiana Grills hold up to 14 pounds of pellets and produce a wide temperature range of 180 degrees to over 600 degrees. The grill features an adjustable direct flame sear/broiler when in the open position, keep it closed for low and slow cooking. However, one of the plates features an adjustable broiler grid, allowing the fire to rise to the grilling surface for flame-kissed broiling. The Digital Control Center lets you set your desired temperature and automatically maintains it during the grilling process. With the included food probe, you can set you desired food temperature and the grill will automatically go into smoke mode when that temperature is reached, to prevent overcooking. The lid thermometer enables you to monitor the temperature inside the grill and the grease bucket catches run off grease from the flavor guard. The Louisiana Grills LG series demonstrates the ease and precision of cooking with pellet grills and is a solid choice without having to break the bank.