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Since 1996, Primo Grills has been manufacturing high-quality kamado-style grills that are made right here, in the United States! One of the biggest benefits to a Primo Grill versus every other kamado-style grill is the patented 'oval shape'. While most Kamado grills are round, Primo is oval, allowing you 30% more space for food, the ability to truly cook indirectly and the options to allow for an endless supply of grilling accessories. Primo Grills are made from premium-grade ceramic that offers superior heat, moisture and flavor retention. Primo smokers come in a variety of sizes - Oval XL, Oval LG, Oval JR, and the Large Round Kamado. Primo Grills feature the 'tallest' sitting lids in the kamado grill industry, allow you to cook whole chickens or turkeys vertically, thus saving cooking surface.

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