Enjoy a crisp 4K picture from the comfort of your patio with their line of outdoor TVs from SunBrite TV. The 4K technology of the provides dramatic detail with 4 times the resolution of conventional HD, while the LED backlighting allows you to watch with ease. The full High Dynamic Range (HDR) support offers a wider range of colors than standard TVs, delivering a vibrant picture to your outdoor space. The screen delivers a picture 50 percent brighter than an indoor TV, making this TV suitable for outdoor full-shade conditions, such as a covered patio. This TV is built for permanent outdoor installation with a durable aluminum casing to protect against weather and insects. The thin and sleek appearance will add a stylish modern touch to any outdoor area. Built-in down-firing, 20-watt speakers are included, as well as a media bay to house your favorite streaming devices. This TV features 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB input so it is compatible with 4K sources and gives you a variety of connectivity options. The TV is compatible with VESA, a mounting pattern used universally across the industry, so mounting is easy and convenient.