Built-In Gas Grills

If you are planning to build an outdoor kitchen with masonry materials or build a smaller BBQ island out of a certain type of lumber or metal, a built-in gas grill can be utilized and will provide the culinary control you are looking for. Built-in gas grills offer the convenience of a professional cooking appliance outdoors while offering that custom finished look you are looking to achieve in your outdoor entertaining space. Built-in gas grills are available in many different sizes starting at 26-inches in width for smaller cooking needs all the way up to 56-inches in width providing enough cooking space to host large residential or commercial events. Built-in grills can have a variety of standard or optional features to further enhance your grilling experience including interior lighting, smoker systems, heat zone dividers to cook a variety of foods simultaneously at different temperatures, charcoal drop-in trays to cook with charcoal instead of relying on the gas burners, infrared rotisserie back burners, sear zone burners to provide an enhanced surface temperature and even glass inserts for the hood to see your cooking progress. With the abundance of built-in gas grills available, you may need assistance in the decision-making process, contact one of our built-in gas grills experts.