DIY Pizza Oven Kits

DIY Pizza Oven Kits consist of a ceramic or brick cooking floor (hearth), insulating boards for the cooking floor, a pizza dome in single or multiple pieces, dome insulating blanket, high temp mortar, flu adapter for ducting, chimney rain cap and an insulated steel door with or without a thermometer. Gas fueled models will add a gas burner assembly with or without electronic ignition controls. The exact inclusion of items will vary depending on the model selected but the majority will come with everything you need to build the perfect pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen. If insulated accordingly to the specified clearance to combustibles and vented enough to satisfy your particular building inspectors requirements, these can also be installed indoors. A pizza oven kit installation begins with the placement of the insulated floorboards and the cooking floor which is either made from firebricks or specially made ceramic cooking tiles. These floors have a sanitation listing of NSFANSI Standard 4 which will ensure food safety when cooking dough products placed in direct contact with the material. With the addition of roasting pans, racks, and grates, you can cook any meal inside of a pizza oven. You could also use an accessory pizza stone as a food-safe floor tile if you are planning to construct your own oven from lesser grade materials. The pizza oven domes rest above the floor and are made from either a single piece of pre-cast lightweight cement or composed of a few pieces of refractory materials that you adhere together using the high temp mortar. The flu adapter attaches to the top of the pizza oven and connects to whatever length of the duct that you supply. To keep the heat inside and to improve the performance of the pizza oven, layer the supplied insulating blanket around the exterior of the cooking dome. Once that is in place, the high temp mortar covers over the insulating blanket around the entire dome exterior creating a nice smooth substrate that will allow you to create your uniquely finished pizza ov