Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

If you desire the wonderful smoky flavor that a wood-fired pizza provides yet, you do not want to build an entire pizza oven from scratch, an assembled wood-burning pizza oven may be the answer to solve your culinary dilemma. Having a pizza oven arrive at your home or place of business already finished can create numerous advantages. This can be experienced physically, by not having to actually build one, emotionally, with the peace of mind knowing it was made precisely and financially, by avoiding the labor costs required to build one. There are pre-assembled wood-burning pizza ovens to accommodate a variety of installation applications including built-in pizza ovens for outdoor kitchen projects that simply slide into whatever cutout opening they call for and pizza ovens that can be placed onto a properly supported countertop. Many of these models also offer prebuilt support bases as an optional accessory. These support structures are usually framed with metal and can be kept visible on the exterior or concealed inside of masonry construction. Smaller sizes of freestanding pizza ovens can feature heavy-duty rolling casters which will allow them to be placed outdoors in a variety of locations. Many of these mobile pizza oven models will have lower wood storage compartments and can feature side shelves and tool storage capabilities to increase the user's overall cooking experience. All of the pre-made wood-burning pizza ovens will come with everything pre-installed, including the chimney portion and rain cap for all-year performance, in any kind of weather. There are pre-made pizza ovens available in numerous sizes from around 22 inches in width for a single pizza at a time, all the way up to five feet in width to cook a dozen pies simultaneously. Pre-assembled wood-burning pizza ovens can be found with various finish appearances and can be constructed from steel, stainless steel, refractory ceramic materials and metal-clad over ceramic.