Door & Drawer Combos

A Door and Drawer Combo storage unit is a great utilization of space in an outdoor kitchen or BBQ island. While access doors are a door frame revealing the inside of a cabinet, a door & drawer combo unit will feature the addition of a drawer or set of drawers offering a variety of storage solutions within a similar footprint. Door drawer combos can be found in a variety of different sizes and drawer configuration options. There are smaller sized door drawer combo units that appear to be a single door, yet they feature drawers on the inside. Larger door drawer combo units can be found from 30 inches in width up to 48 inches in width. With their split configuration, these can be placed directly underneath a barbecue grill or outdoor kitchen appliance. The door will allow access to the gas or electrical connections while the separate sealed storage drawers will keep your barbecue tools and accessories free of critters and bugs. Door drawer combination units can also feature a trash can rollout, propane tank slide out, insulated ice drawer or feature an integrated electric warming drawer.