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Primo Grills Getting Started

If you've just purchased a Primo Ceramic Grill, congratulations! You've just invested in one of the most versatile outdoor grills in the world. If you're shopping for a kamado grill and are trying to understand just 'how a Primo Grill works' then we've got you covered! A Primo Ceramic Grill can do everything, seriously! Whether you're looking for a grill for a typical barbecue, an oven, roaster, a smoker for low and slow methods or even trying to reach 800 degrees for searing capabilities, the Primo Grill can handle all of that. With a simple turn of the 'daisy wheel' and opening up the bottom airflow draft door, your Primo can go from 220 degrees to 750 degrees in as little as 5 minutes! Below we're going to give you an overview of Primo Grills components and basics for using and enjoying your Primo Ceramic Grill.

Primo Ceramic Grill Configurations

When it comes to getting the most out of your new Primo Ceramic Grill, there are three different types of cooking configurations that you'll need to learn to master all different types of cooking. Grilling & Searing, Grilling & Roasting and Baking, Roasting & Smoking. Listed below, we'll give you a better understanding of each cooking configuration as well as instructions on how to use your new Primo Ceramic Grill.

Primo Ceramic Grill Components Getting Started How to Grill and Searing

Grilling & Searing

Your typical everyday type method. This type of cooking method is similar to that used on a typical charcoal grill. It produces high-heat on the cooking surface and is perfect for cooking meats such as ribeyes, chicken, vegetables, corn or any other foods that benefit from being cooked directly over an open charcoal flame. To properly accomplish this cooking method, it is recommended that both the daisy wheel and draft door be open 100% to 75% of the way to optimize the amount of air-flow the fuel is getting.

Primo Ceramic Grill How to Grilling and Roasting

Grilling & Roasting

Perfect for cooking delicate foods that can't handle an open/direct flame. The Grilling & Roasting method is essentially the 'low and slow' cooking method, allowing you to produce low and direct heat that will roast, rather than direct grilling. It allows you to cook items such as tender foods, seafood, and vegetables without the risks of charring and burning. For this method, a firebox divider is recommended to produce the best results. Leaving the daisy wheel and draft door in the 75% to 50% position is idle for this cooking method.

Primo Ceramic Grill How to Baking Roasting and Smoking

Baking, Roasting, & Smoking

The birth of the 'low and slow' method! When it comes to truly get the most out of your Primo Ceramic Grill, the Baking, Roasting & Smoking method will truly transform your cooking abilities. Used by some of the world's best-renowned Chefs, allowing your grill to perfectly roast an item will retain it's juicy interior while allowing a thick 'bark' on the exterior of the meat. Perfect for ribs, brisket, pork shoulder and much more! Leaving the daisy wheel and draft door in the 40% to 25% position is idle for this cooking method.

Cooking Instructions for Your Primo Ceramic Grill

Lighting your Primo Ceramic Grill

Before igniting/lighting your Primo Ceramic Grill ensure that you've removed all packaging material from the internal portion of your grill. Once that is done, remove the porcelain cooking grate and fill the bottom ceramic firebox with charcoal. Fill the entire firebox with lump charcoal if you'll be cooking with direct/ searing heat (Figure 1), or only fill with half if you'll be cooking with indirect/ smoking heat (Figure 2). A firebox divider will be needed to cook using Figure 2 (sold separately).

(NOTE: Do NOT fill charcoal past the holes in the side of the firebox, if you do this the airflow will be restricted and won't be able to properly produce heat).

  1. Light the charcoal in your Primo Grill with a fire starter cube or two (Figure 5), you can also use a chimney start or electric starter (NOTE: NEVER use lighter fluid or any other combustible liquid to light the charcoal. It will be absorbed by the ceramics and impart a "fuel" taste to food). Leave the dome lid open and open the bottom draft door entirely.
  2. Wait 5-10 minutes for the charcoal to build a small bed of embers. Place your hand inches above the coals, if you can't leave your hand there for any longer than 2 seconds, it's not ready.
  3. Empty the charcoal into the firebox and close the dome/lid. Fully open the bottom draft door (Figure 3) and fully open the daisy wheel (Figure 4) by sliding the top disk all the way to the right.

TIP: Charcoal can be relit 2-3 times for multiple cooking sessions. Use the ash tool to stir the used charcoal, so the ashes will drop through the bottom charcoal grate. Add 30% new charcoal to the existing charcoal and build a new mound. This works well for roasting and grilling temperatures. You can't have too much charcoal, but you can have too little.

Controlling the Tempature of your Primo Ceramic Grill

When it comes to 'low and slow' cooking methods, controlling the temperature is the number one way to achieve successful and delicious food. The best part about the Primo Ceramic Grill is that controlling your temperature is easy with two features - the daisy wheel and draft door, mixing these features with the premium-grade ceramic will allow for echelon style temperature control.

Grilling and Searing Cooking - Temperature Control on your Primo Ceramic Grill

  1. Close the dome/lid and fully open the daisy wheel at the top of your Primo Ceramic Grill.
  2. When you are 25°F from your target temperature, close the top vent down to one-third open or 25%.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes for the temperature to stabilize. Increase or decrease the airflow of the top vent as needed. A 1/4" move can change the temperature by as much as 25°F.

Low and Slow Cooking - Temperature Control on your Primo Ceramic Grill

  1. For 'low and slow' temperatures like 225°F, start with a very small fire in one area of the smoker.
  2. Close the dome after 5 minutes with the bottom draft door and top vent fully open. Allow the temperature to come up slowly until it reaches 200°F, set the draft door to 1-inch open (Figure 6) and the daisy wheel to 1/2 inch open with the daisy wheel holes fully open.
  3. Adjust the top vent ONLY as needed to maintain the target temperature, there's no need to adjust the bottom draft door.

TIP: Allow the temperature to rise slowly up to your target temperature. It is easy to raise the temperature, but very difficult to lower it.

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