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"Fast forward to today…we have provided over 5,000 customers with unparalleled customer service and have designed many beautiful outdoor kitchens…"
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About Us

Since our launch in 2019, BBQGrills.com has quickly become one of the largest online retailers of gas grills, outdoor kitchen equipment, and other outdoor patio-related items in California. Our family-owned, operated, and argued over business is held together by the fabric of bringing traditional family values to a quickly growing internet environment.

Ryan and Samantha Maltbie, Husband and Wife duo, have been in the outdoor kitchen/grilling industry for over 12 years. Their first job together out of high school was working for a bbq grill store and these high school sweethearts only grew up from there. Fast forward a decade and they're raising a family of four children, building a business run on a passion for the industry, and striving to give customers a genuine online shopping experience.

Our Roots (Creating BBQGrills.com)

We always had a vision of owning our own business. It was definitely something we wanted to do and often talked about, a dream if you will, but we felt satisfied where we were in life at the time. That was until August of 2018 when the company that we had spent the last 10 years working for decided to close abruptly. This unexpectedly changed the course of our life. With 3 very young children at the time, we had two choices…1)Take the conventional route or 2) Risk it all and take a chance on ourselves and a crazy dream. We chose the latter. We knew that we had a genuine love for this industry and it would be painful to leave. We knew that we wanted to change this industry, starting with our customers, and giving them a genuine experience when building their own dream outdoor space. We ultimately wanted to help families come together and share everlasting memories similar to the ones we value with our own four children. With $600 left, a small cashed-out retirement, a lot of tears, obstacles, and determination…we built BBQGrills.com.

While the road to building our business wasn't easy, we knew, like anything else, with dedication, hard work, perseverance, and believing in our dream, anything was/is possible. Our team spent countless hours developing the website, worked 18 hour days over the course of 6 months to relentlessly build what you know and love today, as BBQGrills.com. We made promises to not only ourselves, but our company and our customers, promises that we still to this day hold true to. Promises like the need to never advertise on a pay-per-click level, only focus on organic growth. The promise to never collect customers' information and sell it to outside agencies or track not only their web presence but then follow them after they've left the site. While others in our industry ignore these promises in order to grow their profit margin, we focus on holding true to our own promises, promises that we know hold more value than any amount of fiscal benefit.

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2020 - The Year That Changed Everything

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Like many of us, the year 2020 brought much change. For our family, change was an understatement. We started off 2020 welcoming our Fourth (4th) child into the world. On January 2nd, 2020, we welcomed Jaxon Crew Maltbie into our family. We still remember to this day sitting on the hospital bed, feeding the baby and processing orders for our newly found company. It was almost as if we had welcomed two new children into our lives, the business, and Jaxon. Over the course of the next 6-9 months, our lives were a blur, the business was thriving, issues would arise, resolutions would come, we tried to sacrifice every waking second to spend with our children and family and then the unthinkable happened… On October 10th, 2020 (Ryan's 30th Birthday - HOW CRAZY IS THAT), our company hit $1 Million dollars in annual sales revenue. The emotion, the raw emotion of looking at each other, and this 7 figure number brought so much joy to our lives. Money is money, it's not worth the paper it's printed on, but the joy, heartfelt love of knowing, knowing that this 'thing' we've been building for the last year and a half has just crossed a mark in under a year that very few get to see…it was magical. Any entrepreneur knows that crossing a huge milestone has little to do with the monetary value and everything to do with the journey. Our children being able to look at their parents grow a business all on their own, and create a successful company is only instilling the simple narrative that 'it's possible' for our generations to come.

Fast forward to today…we have provided over 5,000 customers with unparalleled customer service, designed many beautiful outdoor kitchens, worked on hundreds of luxury projects, built large commercial portfolios, and have become one of California's largest online retailers in our industry. While we've equipped much short-term success, it's because of our long-term vision, our need to want to please our customers in every sense of the word, and our commitment to treat our employees and customers (you) with the respect and service that they deserve. It's not our duty to serve you as a consumer, it's our absolute right to ensure that you're treated like a human being and not a sales order number.

An Open Letter to our Customers,

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing our company. Whether you've hit the process order button, or if you're simply browsing our website, we want you to know that we appreciate the time that you're spending with our company, the engagement that you have with our brand and we truly cherish the relationship we have with you. Thank you for trusting in us to provide you with the components necessary to build your outdoor kitchen space, a place where countless family memories will be made and moments in time will last for generations to come, thank you for choosing us with that. At BBQGrills.com, we know that there are many online retailers to choose from to shop these items, many (in some cases) with lower pricing and a more 'corporate' mindset, we appreciate you taking the time in your day to at least browse what the 'family owned' offerings are. In closing, we simply want to thank you. We know your time is valuable, we know your trust is valuable and we want to appreciate you spending both with our company. Whether you purchase a grill cover or a full-package outdoor kitchen structure, we want you to know that you'll be treated with respect, dignity, and trust in all aspects. From the entire team of BBQGrills.com, we thank you and we look forward to serving you!

BBQGrills.com - Spending Time Together


BBQGrills.com - Spending Time Together

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BBQGrills.com - Spending Time Together

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