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At we know it can be quite overwhelming when it comes to shopping for a new BBQ Grill, Patio Heater or equipment for your new Outdoor Kitchen, so we've organized a list to help make your shopping experience a bit easier. Listed below are all of our brands in alphabetical order - a short introduction for each manufacturer to educate you on what it is the brand stands for and offers, and following that are the top categories from that brand. If you're unsure where to start, feel free to visit our 'Shop by Brand' tab in the menu above to see our 'Top Brands' that are offered on our website. At we strive to ensure that your shopping experience is simple, frictionless and above all, enjoyable. If for any reason you need any assistance, or have any questions regarding a certain brand, feel free to contact us at (855) 341-3312 and a team member will gladly assist you.

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Shop all Alfresco Grills Products - Alfresco Grills has been manufacturing American-made, luxury gas grills and outdoor kitchen equipment since 1999. Alfresco Gas Grills offer a Lifetime Warranty, top-tier quality, and design and feature some of the industry's-first innovative products and features. When it comes to getting the absolute most out of your outdoor kitchen, Alfresco Grills sets everything apart. Alturi Grills Logo30075

Shop all Alturi Grills Products - Alturi Grills can be summed up in one word: Luxury. The Alturi Grills from Summerset are designed with elegance, Made in the USA construction, fueled with power, and loaded with every feature, this grill sets the bar for luxury outdoor cooking. Details like the angle-mounted interior lights, rotisserie storage, and spring-assisted hood provide ultimate convenience, while its 304-grade stainless steel construction and high BTU Red Cast Brass burners—the most durable on the market—guarantee lasting performance. When it comes to quality, style, and functionality, Alturi Grills truly stand alone. Alturi Grills are available in a variety of sizes, configurations and burner designs. The Alturi Cast Red Brass Burners are the best burners on the market. Made of commercial-grade casted red brass, these burners offer unmatched durability, ruggedness and can handle high BTU power at the turn of a knob! Commercial grade locked-in briquette trays ensure an even cooking surface and reduce dead zones. These trays will last for years to come!

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Shop all American Fire Glass Products - American Fire Glass (or AFG) is the largest supplier in the United States of outdoor fire pit kits, fire glass, fire pit burners, and fire pit accessories. With over 50+ colors of fire glass and a variety of styles including - fire glass, fire glass 2.0, fire beads, and lava rock, they offer the perfect kind of fire pit kit media you're looking for. American fireglass also offers a wide variety of fire pit kits, available in match lit kits, remote kits, and the industry's first oil-rubbed bronze fire pit kits. American Fireglass is your one-stop-shop for everything outdoor fire pit kit related! Enjoy fire pit kit accessories - like wind guards, fire pit covers, and fire pit gas line kits. American Muscle Grills Logo30075

Shop all American Muscle Grill Products - Backyard grillers can spend all day debating over the convenience and consistency of gas vs. the bold flavor of charcoal. The American Muscle Grill believes that you should just put an end to the argument and burn them all! With the American Muscle Grill, you can enjoy the perks of gas, wood, charcoal, pellet and infrared cooking - all under one grill hood. Modeled after the 1969 Shelby GT 350 Mustang, paired with 304-grade stainless steel construction and a spring-assisted, 16 gauge double-lined hood. Inside the grill, the one of a kind cooking system is forged with five 22,000 BTU stainless steel tubular burners that deliver 110,000 BTUs of pure flame. The American Muscle Grill has the features and flexibility to be the last grill you will ever need. American Outdoor Grill Logo30075

Shop all AOG Products - Handcrafted using the finest commercial-grade stainless steel, American Outdoor Grills (AOG Grills) are some of the industry's best 'budget-friendly grill' on the market! AOG Grills are built in the same USA factory that brings you Fire Magic Premium gas grills, so you can rest assured knowing you're buying a gas grill that will last you for decades. AOG Grills feature 304-grade stainless steel tube burners, a large cooking surface with stainless steel rod cooking grids and a sleek analog thermometer for precision grilling. AOG Grills are sold in two different series - L-Series, which features 120 VAC power, back-lit comfort touch knobs, push-button electronic ignition and halogen interior lighting. The AOG T-Series is more of a 'budget grill', leaving out all of the bells and whistles and focusing just the primary items needed to cook, great for contractors, apartment complexes or customers who don't need all the fancy features. When it comes to AOG Grills, it doesn't matter which series you choose to go with, you're purchasing a gas grill that will last for years to come. Artisan Grills Logo30075

Shop all Artisan Products - Before Artisan Grills, your choice for an outdoor kitchen came down to premium American-made brands at a high cost, or much less expensive (and much lower quality) imports. With Artisan gas grills, they strive to offer affordable luxury gas grills with all the quality and features you'd expect in a premium American-made appliances and accessories, at prices normally only imports can offer. With materials and construction, functional design and meticulous craftsmanship surpassed by none, Artisan Grills are tough enough to withstand the rigors of living outdoors. With an American-made construction, Best-in-class warranty and such features as Artisan's Exclusive Heat Delivery System, Locked-in-Place Ceramic 5-way Heat Distributing Briquettes and Sear Zone Infrared Burner you'll be beyond satisfied with this line of gas grills. BBQGrills Outdoor Kitchen Storage Logo30075

Shop all BBQGrills Products - At our top priority is to ensure that you're meeting your budget when building an outdoor kitchen, that's why we've created our own private-label line of American-Made outdoor kitchen storage products. Our line of Brentwood Series product features top-tier 304-grade stainless steel construction, strong magnetic latches, double-lined doors add structural integrity and a Zero-Tolerance Lifetime Warranty. When comparing our line of outdoor kitchen products to other brands, you have the opportunity to save over $1,000 on a full outdoor kitchen design. If there's an item you'd like to customize, give us a call! We can adjust, customize or create any outdoor kitchen product to fit the look, feel and design that you want! Blaze Grills Logo30075

Shop all Blaze Grills Products - Blaze Grills offers the perfect balance between premium features, quality craftsmanship and affordability. When it comes to building an outdoor kitchen Blaze Outdoor Products allows you to create the perfect outdoor dining experience within a fraction of other brands. Blaze Grills allows you to indulge in premium features, such as the infrared rear burner, allowing you to cook rotisserie chicken on your new Blaze Grill and other features like Red LED knob lighting to wow the night atmosphere. Looking for a luxury-style grill, without the price tag? The Blaze Pro Grill is top-tier performance while including some of the richest design features offered by any outdoor grill. Blaze also offers outdoor kitchen storage, refrigeration, side cookers and many more Blaze Outdoor Products. All Blaze Grill models are backed by a best-in-class lifetime warranty, including a multi-user warranty for the BLZ-4LTE2MG-LP/NG grills. Broil King Grills Logo30075

Shop all Broil King Products - Broil King Grills is the manufacturer of Made in USA freestanding grills, built-in grills, pellet grills, Porta-Chef portable grills, offset smokers and their own kamado-style charcoal cooker the Broil King Keg. Broil King has been in the outdoor barbecue industry for over 30 years and has become a staple for outdoor grilling. Every Broil King Grill includes the incredible Flav-R-Wave cooking system that provides superior heat distribution across the entire surface of the grill and protects the burners. Broil King Grills come in seven different series - Imperial, Regal, Baron, Sovereign, Signet, Monarch and Pota-Chef. Each series offers different features but all sport the unique Broil King cooking system and benefits. If you're looking for a budget-friendly gas grill that will stand the test of time, look no further then Broil King. Bromic Patio Heaters Logo30075

Shop all Bromic Heating Products - Bromic Heating leads the industry in supplying outdoor patio heaters that feature radiant infrared heating burners that demonstrate outstanding performance and unbeatable quality. All Bromic Heating patio heaters feature solid stainless steel and weather-resistant construction that offers reliable heating and quality that lasts. Bromic heaters offer electric, natural gas and propane gas patio heaters, perfect to fit any desire to heat up your backyard patio. Bromic heaters Platinum Smart-Heat collection has been designed to meet the very particular needs of premium, style-centric settings. Engineered specifically to provide low clearance in semi-enclosed environments, the Platinum series also minimizes light emissions to ensure it blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Bull BBQ Grills Logo30075

Shop all Bull BBQ Products - Bull Grills offers the perfect balance between premium features, quality craftsmanship and affordability. When it comes to building an outdoor kitchen Bull Outdoor Products allows you to create the perfect outdoor dining experience within a fraction of other brands. Bull Grills allows you to indulge in premium features, such as the infrared rear burner, allowing you to cook rotisserie chicken on your new Bull BBQ Grill and other features like interior grill lighting to wow the night atmosphere. Looking for a luxury-style grill, without the price tag? The Bull BBQ Brahma Grill is top-tier performance while including some of the richest design features offered by any outdoor grill. Bull also offers outdoor kitchen storage, refrigeration, side cookers and many more Bull Outdoor Products. All Bull BBQ Grill models are backed by a best-in-class lifetime warranty. Camp Chef Grills Logo30075

Shop all Camp Chef Products - No matter where you're grilling, Camp Chef grills will ensure that you're never too far away from home. Camp Chef products feature award-winning designs that are specifically meant for the great outdoors. Whether you're looking for a flat-top griddle, a pellet grill, or drop-in accessories, Camp Chef offers the best of both worlds, perfect for your backyard and the campsite. Enjoy wood-fired flavors from the comfort of your own back patio with the all-new selection of Camp Chef wood pellet grills. The 100% pure hardwood pellets burn cleaner and hotter than the competition's, giving you more consistent heat and saving you money. Shop our entire line of Camp Chef backyard products! Chicago Brick Pizza Ovens Logo30075

Shop all Chicago Brick Oven Products - When it comes to buying a pizza oven, many manufacturers take their production overseas, thus sacrificing quality, performance, and design. Chicago Brick Oven has been manufacturing some of the industry's best outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens since 2006, right here in the United States! Besides style and aesthetics, the cooking performance of a Chicago Brick Oven is unmatched. Using patented FlameRoll technology, your CBO oven will reach temperatures of over 1,000 degrees, allowing you to cook authentic wood-fired pizzas, in your own backyard, in as little as 60 seconds. Whether you're looking to place a CBO oven permanently in your backyard or only need something for the occasional gathering, one thing is for certain, you simply cannot go wrong with a Chicago Brick Oven. Coyote Grills Logo30075

Shop all Coyote Grills Products - Coyote Grills offers the perfect balance between premium features, quality craftsmanship and affordability. When it comes to building an outdoor kitchen Coyote Outdoor Products allows you to create the perfect outdoor dining experience within a fraction of other brands. Coyote Grills allows you to indulge in premium features, such as the infrared rear burner, allowing you to cook rotisserie chicken on your new Coyote Grill and other features like Orange LED knob lighting to wow the night atmosphere. Looking for a luxury-style grill, without the price tag? The Coyote S-Series Grill is top-tier performance while including some of the richest design features offered by any outdoor grill. Coyote also offers outdoor kitchen storage, refrigeration, side cookers and many more Coyote Outdoor Products. All Coyote Grill models are backed by a limited warranty. Dimplex Patio Heaters Logo30075

Shop all Dimplex Products - Since 1991, Dimplex has been an industry-leading manufacturer of indoor fireplace, outdoor fire pits and now patio heaters. With the all new Dimplex Outdoor Heat lineup of indoor and outdoor patio heaters, Dimplex is once again reestablishing themselves are a world-leader in the outdoor heating industry. The Dimplex Heat-IR Series Infrared Patio Heaters offer precision-engineered ceramic glass that provides premium performance that heats as beautifully as it looks. Schott Nextrema ceramic tinted glass combines high-temperature, thermal shock and chemical resistance, excellent infrared transmission, non-porous surface and attractive design and with full heating power available in under 8 seconds, you can go from cold to comfortable with a quick touch of the remote control. That's not all. The all-new Dimplex DSH-IR Series Electric Infrared Patio Heaters are ideal for use in low lighting environments like restaurants and outdoor entertaining spaces. Reaching maximum heat in less than 3 seconds, this product provides premium comfort, while mirroring the quality of interior decor and outdoor functionality. IP65 rating for indoor and outdoor applications. One(1), Two(2) and Three(3) hour delay timer with Eight(8) hour auto shutoff safety mechanism. Three(3) temperature settings - 1000W (Low), 1500W (Med) and 2000W (High). Simply put, Dimplex has been manufacturing high-quality indoor fireplaces, now they're looking to take their expertise and incredible product designs outdoors, with the Dimplex line of Patio Heaters. Everdure Grills Logo30075

Shop all Everdure Grills Products - Everdure by Heston set out on one mission and one mission only, to create the worlds most unique, modern and ease-of-use BBQ grill in the industry. Just by browsing Heston's amazing lineup of grills (4K, HUB II, HUB, FUSION, CUBE, FURNACE, and FORCE) one thing becomes evident, quality and performance are their main priority. The issue with mose portable gas grills is that they simply don't get hot enough, you can't sear or barely get that 'char-flavor' out of a typical grill, and Heston has solved that. With most collections featuring a cast aluminum hood, powerful 3-way venting and precise adjustability in the burners, the Heston grill will be the last grill you'll ever buy. Most series of Heston grills come in a variety of colors (orange, graphite, khaki, stone and more), allowing you to blend your backyard grill into the aesthetics of your backyard patio. Fire Magic Grills Logo30075

Shop all Fire Magic Products - Fire Magic has been manufacturing Outdoor Gas Grills for over 75 Years. All of their Barbecue Grills are hand made in Southern California out of the finest stainless steel. They offer an array of Outdoor Cooking Products perfect for any Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Island. Weather you're in the market for their High-End Echelon Series BBQ Grill or you're looking for a more budget friendly version, their Aurora Series Grill or if you're looking for more storage for your patio island Fire Magic has the best in Access Door and Drawer Storage. Fire Magic prides itself on making sure that your backyard Grilling Station is just what you want. Flame Boss Logo30075

Shop all Flame Boss Products - Flame Boss W-Fi temperature controllers were created with one goal in mind, provide seamless and flawless cruise control of your backyard kamado grill or smoker. Simply plug it in, set it and forget it. Flame Boss takes it from there by controlling the heat with a blower that ramps up and down, while a meat probe monitors internal temperature so you know when it’s perfectly smoked. Flame Boss wi-fi thermometers let you keep the lid closed, the temperate steady, and the smokey goodness where it should be – encircling your meat, poultry, and fish. Nobody has to know your secret. So set it and go to bed or join the party. Your ribs, pork shoulder, or brisket will taste as you parked yourself next to the smoker for hours. Don’t worry, we’ll never tell your secret. And no one will taste the difference either. Flame Boss temperature controllers for charcoal grills and smokers make you a better pitmaster. Smoke tender and moist meat with precise and repeatable temperature control in your smoker the way nature intended – low and slow. Flame Boss, it's cruise control for your backyard grill!

Shop all Fuego Grills Products - Element by Fuego is the brainchild of visionary industrial designer, Robert Brunner. A man consumed with improving how we interact with the products we love. The Fuego Element represents a modernist rethink of old-fashioned grilling. Robert Brunner, formerly Director of Design at Apple, now CEO of Ammunition Design Group in San Francisco, is the designer behind the Beats by Dr. Dre headsets phenomenon. Robert is an award-winning industrial designer whose works are included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Art in New York and San Francisco. He is famous for challenging the status quo with designs that are fresh and unexpected. His Fuego Element Grills are no exception. The award-winning Fuego Element presents a new aesthetic in backyard grilling. Designed for social connectedness, the host now entertains from the center of the party while his friends gather around the grill. The Element has a generous 346 sq. in. of cooking surface, a heavy-duty porcelain-coated cast iron grate, and a Dual-Zone burner that can easily grill up to 12 hamburgers in as little as 8 minutes. That is enough cooking surface to quickly feed a family of four or your neighborhood sports team. The gas-powered Fuego Element heats up to 500*F in as little as five minutes and reaches a maximum temperature of 650*F. Created to be highly efficient, the Element’s smart design guarantees searing heat quickly while optimizing fuel consumption. Best of all, Element’s 21” W x 21” D footprint and locking wheels let you easily roll the grill away while not in use. Or, you can leave it front and center so it can continue to be the life of the party. The Element grill is the proud recipient of the Spark Design Award, the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, The Vesta Best Gas BBQ of 2010, and the IDSA Gold International Design Award. We hope you will enjoy the product as much as we have enjoyed designing, building, and grilling on it! Gateway Drum Smokers Grills Logo30075

Shop all Gateway Drum Smokers Products - Featuring American-made construction, the Gateway Drum Smokers maximize the flavor, moisture, and tenderness of your barbecue. Gateway Drum Smokers cook between temperatures of 250-335 degrees and unit the smoke to generate an intense tenderizing effect leaving you with the sought after backyard grill flavor that is not present in other cookers. These affordable BBQ smokers are perfect for any backyard barbecuer that's looking to get more out of his backyard cooking. Whether competing at the famous American Royal, tailgating at the big game, or entertaining in the backyard, impress family and friends by embracing the new way of barbecuing with your Gateway Drum Smoker. Green Mountain Grills Logo30075

Shop all Green Mountain Grills Products - Since 1996, Green Mountain Grills has been building industry-leading pellet grills with a 'budget-friendly price, making it the most affordable pellet grill on the market. Green Mountain Grills proprietary algorithms control the fuel and oxygen supplied to the firebox. This ensures the lowest possible fuel consumption by dispensing only enough pellets to maintain the set temperature and using less waste. Now you can get up to 40 hours of cook time from a single hopper. Make on-the-go adjustments using Green Mountain Grills Wi-fi Smart Control technology. Become your neighborhood’s grill guru with easy access to our huge recipe and grilling profiles database. Master the meat without leaving your seat! GrilLight Accessories Logo30075

Shop all GrilLight Products - Grillight is the leader in premium BBQ grilling tools and accessories. Grillight BBQ tools incorporate waterproof LED lights directly into the handle of each restaurant-grade stainless steel tool. Grillight ideal illumination technology is designed to replicate sunlight to perfectly light up your grill. The ideal illumination light is graded on a scale that represents the color scale of that light. Most LED lights are 6000-7000 color temperatures, creating blue hues. Grillight lights are 3500-4000 temperature, perfectly replication afternoon sun and allowing you to see the true color of the food you're cooking - any time, any place.

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Shop all Hestan Products - Hestan Outdoor products deliver award-winning performance, innovative features and the options to build the oasis of your dreams. Grilling. Refrigeration. Storage. Hestan takes your grilling to the next level with award-winning innovation. Ultra-powerful sear burners are matched with precision control. Thoughtful features like automatic Halogen Stadium Lights and flip-to-clean ceramic briquettes ensure you enjoy the cookout as much as your guests. Infratech Patio Heaters Logo30075

Shop all Infratech Products - Infratech electric patio heaters are over 90% energy efficient, operate for just pennies per hour, and emit a subtle, pleasing glow that will not blow away in windy conditions. Enjoy odorless, radiant warmth that won’t detract from the aroma of an alfresco meal in the outdoor kitchen or interfere with the view from a rooftop deck. Brunch on the terrace in early spring. Holiday cocktails on the deck. Now you can extend the outdoor living and entertaining season by more than three months in temperate areas to year-round in milder climates with an Infratech electric patio heating system. Infratech Patio Heaters offer eco-friendly, customized warmth that enhances the comfort of your outdoor spaces. IPT Sink Company Logo30075

Shop all IPT Sinks Products - IPT Sinks are perfect for outdoor kitchens (BBQ sinks) and feature an entire lineup of brushed nickel and polished chrome faucets. Sold in either 16 or 18-gauge stainless steel, IPT Sinks feature high-quality stainless steel construction with an insulated base, sprayed soundproof coating and an additional thick, rubber soundproof pad. Each IPT sink offers a beautiful brushed satin finish that protects the sink from scratching and rusting. Once you've picked out which IPT Sink will look best in your outdoor kitchen, browse IPT Sinks selection of commercial-grade faucets, featuring stainless steel interior parts for longevity and years of use. Adding an outdoor sink your outdoor kitchen or BBQ island can completely transform your outdoor cooking environment. BBQ island sinks allow you to wash veggies, keep hands clean from any germs and allow the connivence of having running water outdoors. Kamado Joe Grills Logo30075

Shop all Kamado Joe Products - The fire within a blaze-red Kamado Joe Grill isn’t just an ideal way to slow-roast, smoke, sear, or bake. Or a perfect way to cook moist, delicious meats, charred vegetables, and crispy pizzas. It’s also a remarkable way to relax. A powerful way to reconnect with family and friends. It’s a genuine, rewarding way to rekindle the simple pleasures of cooking with charcoal. An ancient, Asian-style grill, the kamado joe is a thick-walled cooker that imparts a rich, smoky flavor to meats, fish, and vegetables. Relatively unchanged for centuries, air flows through the grill's ceramic body, and out its vented dome, lump charcoal comes to life as smoke and heat. Kamado Joe is proud to draw on that tradition, modernizing the grill's classic style with unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative accessories, and a range of flexible cooking surfaces. Available in three different sizes - Classic Joe, Big Joe and Joe Jr. Kick Ash Basket Logo30075

Shop all Kick Ash Basket Products - Barbecue means so much more to us than just the meal. It's the smell of the cook that seems to stretch across the neighborhood, the great outdoors where the air tastes sweeter, and the laughs and every other small moment along the way. The design used in each Kick Ash Basket ensures your coals are aerated and clear of debris each time you light up to cook. All baskets are made with electropolished stainless steel, meaning your basket will last after heavy, repeated use. Patented design of Kick Ash Basket gives a more consistent temperature control, giving you a quick and easy grill session every time. Sift out excess ash for an easy clean-up and a better fire when you grill. Le Griddle Grills Logo30075

Shop all Le Griddle Products - The Le Griddle Flat Top Griddle brings the best in French Cooking to your Outdoor Kitchen. Discover and share the taste of new convivial cooking experiences with your family and friends while enjoying the simplicity of the flat top cooking. Perfect for any meal - lunch, dinner, and even breakfast. The Le Griddle features a large capacity cooking surface that can grill up to 30 steaks at once (41-inch model). Enjoy the benefits of healthy French griddle cooking with the Le Griddle propane gas griddle, designed for built-in installation or tabletop use. Featuring a professional-style 304 stainless steel griddle surface and components, the Le Griddle propane gas griddle offers excellent heat distribution thanks to a 1/2-inch thick enameled cast iron sub-plate below the cooking surface. One, Two, or Three 304-grade stainless steel U-shaped gas burners rated at 9,000 BTUs each provide even heating and can be individually controlled with separate control knobs. The easy to use electronic ignition system is powered by a single AA battery and features a safety valve and thermocouple to automatically cut off the gas supply in the event of accidental flame extinction, while ventilation cutouts allow proper airflow to prevent gas buildup and overheating. Cleanup is easy with the removable griddle plate and curved grease collection tray, designed to capture oil and fat for simple disposal. The Le Griddle ships configured for propane gas and easily converts for use with natural gas using the included conversion kit and instructions. Backed by a lifetime warranty. Little Griddle Logo30075

Shop all Little Griddle Products - Imagine transforming your backyard gas grill into a full flattop griddle, capable of cooking breakfast, fajitas, and much more. With Little Griddle, this is possible. Little Griddle offers a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for fitting on any size gas grill and even ceramic kamado charcoal grills. Little Griddle drop-in BBQ griddles are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, feature high sidewalls to keep food in and prevent it from spilling over and best of all 100-perfect 304-grade stainless steel construction, ensuring your Little Griddle will last for years to come. Looftlighter Electric Starter Logo30075

Shop all Looftlighter Products - The Looftlighter is the most efficient, quickest, safest, and cleanest way to ignite charcoal and wood. The Looftlighter is fast - like seriously fast! A Looft Lighter can reach temperatures of 1200 degrees and gets your charcoal ignited in under 60 seconds. The Looft Lighter is safe - no gas, no flame, no smell, and no lighter fluids means that you rule the fire with nothing more than super-heated air. The Looftlighter is clean - with a Looft Lighter there’s no CO2 emissions and no toxic chemicals. Lighter fluid is a distant smelly memory. The Looftlighters versatile design makes it perfect for your backyard charcoal grill, a wood-fired pizza oven, fireplace logs (indoor or outdoor), and charcoal briquettes. With the Looft Lighter, you'll get that perfect glow smoldering in no time. To use the Looft Lighter simply place the tip of the Looftlighter into a pile of fuel of your choice (charcoal, wood chips or logs), keep the Looftlighter in the same spot for 60 seconds, when sparks or a glow appear, pull back a few inches and let it sit for roughly 60 more seconds, your fuel is now hot and ready to go. It's that simple! Madera by Summerset Outdoor Kitchen Storage Logo30075

Shop all Madera by Summerset Products - The all-new Madera Collection by Summerset Grills features outdoor kitchen storage that combines the modern elegance of high-end interior design with the rustic appeal of a natural, outdoor environment. Offering a chic new take on the traditional backyard aesthetic, the weather-resistant dry storage features high-grade North American 304-grade stainless steel and sustainably sourced teak or IPE wood options. Double-lined construction provides extra insulation and resilience against harsh environments, and weather-resistant seals keep moisture and critters out. Madera by Summerset Grills functional design extends to soft closing hinges, smooth gliding tracks, and magnetic latches, all backed by the Summerset Lifetime Warranty. The patent-pending design allows you to remove your wood slats for staining, oiling, cleaning, and further customization. The 100 perfect American Made Madera by Summerset Grills series is sure to bring any outdoor environment to life. Memphis Pellet Grills Logo30075

Shop all Memphis Pellet Grills Products - A Memphis Pellet Grill, to put simply, is the future of backyard grilling. Cook anything from pork chops to pies and from brisket to banana bread. By combining four separate cooking techniques (grilling, searing, low-n-slow smoking, and convection baking), it is quite possibly the most versatile and flavor-enhancing BBQ grill on the planet. Furthermore, the Memphis Grills offer the latest in state-of-the-art technology and intelligent design. With the Memphis Mobile App (iOS) you can monitor, adjust and shut off your grill no matter where you are—at work, on the lake, or downstairs watching the football game. In addition to its Wi-Fi capabilities, Memphis wood pellet grills are made from the most durable stainless steel on the market and feature a hand-crafted, made in the USA design. Napoleon Grills Logo30075

Shop all Napoleon Products - Napoleon Grills are best known in the industry as being - affordable, durable and well lasting. With one of the best warranties a gas grill has to offer, you'll be grilling on your Napoleon Gas Grill for years to come. Napoleon gas grills come in four different series - Rogue Series, Prestige Series, Prestige Pro and the all new LEX Series. Each series from Napoleon varies in its own way, some offer infrared back burners while others offer side shelf ice buckets to keep your drinks cold while grilling. Whichever Napoleon Grill you decide to purchase just know that you'll be beyond satisfied with your purchase. Ohio Flame Fire Pits Logo30075

Shop all Ohio Flame Products - A fire has been the centerpiece of gatherings since the dawn of our existence. A wood-burning fire, surrounded by family and friends is truly the epitome of a perfect evening. With Ohio Flame wood-burning fire pits, gathering around a fire pit is just the beginning. Hand-crafted in the USA of 20-gauge natural steel and featuring a beautiful patina finish, these Ohio Flame fire pits will last for generations to come. Sold in a variety of sizes and styles, Ohio Flame has the perfect fire pit to fit the style of your backyard patio. The 30-inch Patriot by Ohio Flame (OF30FPNSF) is the top-selling unit. With no parts to break or wear out over time, this Fire Pit is built to last a lifetime. The Patriot is crafted from thick carbon American steel that is sourced from local steel mills. The natural steel finish will develop a natural iron oxide patina and gradually darken over time. Every Ohio Flame wood-burning fire pit is backed with a lifetime warranty and ensures that your fire pit will be around for years to come. Pacific Teak Millworks Logo30075

Shop all Pacific Teak Millworks Products - In an industry where your choices of an outdoor kitchen storage cabinet are stainless steel, and more stainless steel, the idea of solid teak wood outdoor kitchen access doors and storage drawers is truly refreshing. Pacific Teak Millworks is unique and has one goal, to bring the rich warmth and beauty of solid wood cabinetry to outdoor living. Whether your vision includes a custom outdoor kitchen, beverage bar, outdoor living room, or entertainment area, Pacific Teak Millworks solid teak cabinetry will make it feel more like home. All Pacific Teak cabinets feature a 100% solid, premium-grade, legally and sustainably grown and harvested teak construction for outstanding outdoor quality and durability that will last generations. Stainless steel handles and all hardware are included, however, holes are not pre-drilled to allow you to customize your choice of hardware and handle placement. Pacific Teak Millworks is committed not only to providing the most beautiful outdoor grill island cabinetry available, but also the highest quality. With a limited 10-Year warranty, Pacific Teak Millworks warrants to the original purchaser that your outdoor cabinetry will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten years from the original date of purchase. In addition, door hinges are warranted to the original owner for as long as you own your cabinetry, and our drawer glides are covered for a period of 5 years. There's simply no other outdoor kitchen storage manufacturer in the industry that can make these claims. Patio Comfort Patio Heaters Logo30075

Shop all Patio Comfort Products - For over 45 years Patio Comfort has been manufacturing residential and commercial-grade outdoor infrared gas patio heaters! Patio Comfort outdoor infrared patio heaters are designed and crafted to bring warmth, comfort, and enjoyment to your alfresco dining and entertaining events. The clean, quiet, efficient, and draft-free infrared radiant heat feels just like the sun, warming people and objects, while not wasting valuable energy trying to heat air. No longer does the outdoor fun and entertaining have to stop when the sun goes down! Patio Comfort patio heaters can provide the perfect outdoor comfort heating solution and are available in a wide variety of colors, mounting options, and are available in both propane and natural gas models.

Shop all Prime Pellet Grills Products - A BBQ Grill, Convection Oven, BBQ Smoker, Slow-Roaster, Warmer, or all of the above? With the line of Prime Pellet Grills, BBQ has become a thing of ease. Grill on auto-pilot with digital temp control and hands-free thermometers. The true wood flavors of real hickory, cherry, or mesquite hardwood partner with the ease of electricity to bring real smoked meat (or fish, veggies, or cheese) to your dinner table - no woodpile or messy charcoal required. The KC King line of Prime Pellet Grills is perfect for smaller or larger-sized decks and patios or for taking the show on the road to feed the tailgate armies. Primo Ceramic Grills Logo30075

Shop all Primo Products - Since 1996, Primo Grills has been manufacturing high-quality kamado-style grills that are made right here, in the United States! One of the biggest benefits to a Primo Grill versus every other kamado-style grill is the patented 'oval shape'. While most Kamado grills are round, Primo is oval, allowing you 30% more space for food, the ability to truly cook indirectly and the options to allow for an endless supply of grilling accessories. Primo Grills are made from premium-grade ceramic that offers superior heat, moisture and flavor retention. Primo smokers come in a variety of sizes - Oval XL, Oval LG, Oval JR, and the Large Round Kamado. Primo Grills feature the 'tallest' sitting lids in the kamado grill industry, allow you to cook whole chickens or turkeys vertically, thus saving cooking surface.

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Shop all Prism Hardscapes Products - Prism Hardscapes is a forward-thinking manufacturer of hand-crafted GFRC fire pits and fire tables. Prism Hardscapes is committed to current trends, visionary designs, coupled with handcrafted processes, allowing for a beautiful and affordable outdoor fire pit and fire table. With over eight series to choose from, and four color and finish options, Prism Hardscapes fire pits will have exactly what you're looking for to keep your guests warm in your outdoor patio. From concept to finished product, the craftsman element is present in every aspect of a Prism Hardscapes fire pit. Each Prism Hardscape fire pit has been hand-crafted using their custom patina finishing process, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind creation with subtle variation. Prism Hardscapes is dependable, personalized products that capture your outdoor living area ideas down to the last detail. RCS Grills Logo30075

Shop all RCS Products - RCS Grills is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality gas grills and outdoor kitchen equipment that are budget-friendly. Since 2003, RCS has been selling lifetime warrantied grills across the entire United States. While other grill brands focus on raising prices year after year and lowering quality, RCS does the exact opposite! RCS's top-selling grill, the 32-Inch Premier Series built-in gas grill, features stainless steel tube burners, 304-grade stainless steel construction, and commercial-grade thick stainless steel rod grills. RCS grills also offer an infrared backburner, which also a customer to create restaurant-quality rotisserie cooking right in their backyard. RCS recently upgraded their line of outdoor kitchen storage, their new line of Valiant Series access doors and storage drawers feature stainless steel construction, soft-close drawers and modern-style recessed handles which give a sleek look to complement any outdoor kitchen. Real Fyre Gas Logs Logo30075

Shop all Real Fyre Products - For more than 65 years, Real Fyre has been creating the most beautiful gas logs in the industry. Real Fyre's gas fire logs are so authentically looking, they’re equally beautiful with or without the fireplace burning. Peterson gas logs offer an immense lineup of vented gas logs, ventless gas logs, fireplace controls and a wide variety of fireplace accessories. Saber Grills Logo30075

Shop all Saber Grills Products - Saber Grills combines 304-grade stainless steel construction with a patented cooking technology for luxurious backyard grilling. The patented Saber infrared cooking system allows you to cook up juicier and more flavorful meals than traditional systems that use dry convection air. The unique SABER cooking grates and infrared emitters prevent flare-ups and direct airflow away from the cooking surface, providing evenly distributed, indirect heat for maximum moisture retention while grilling. The cooking grates also catch any drippings and debris, protecting the burners and creating that familiar BBQ sizzle as foods are infused with more juicy flavor. Designed with fuel efficiency in mind, the Saber Grills infrared cooking system delivers quality results faster than most gas grills while consuming 30-percent less fuel. The burners, emitters, and cooking grates are made of 304 commercial grade stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance in your outdoor patio. Summerset Grills Logo30075

Shop all Summerset Grills Products - When it comes to finding the perfect outdoor kitchen equipment and gas grill, that will fit any budget, look no further than Summerset Grills. Summerset Grills strives to meet every outdoor kitchen expression. Summerset Professional Grills offers a wide range of products from gas grills, outdoor refrigeration, BBQ sinks, grill accessories and so much more. Summerset Grill's goal is to ensure you have everything you need to create your perfect outdoor kitchen. No matter the style or budget, Summerset will deliver an experience that will help create the ultimate backyard getaway. Summerset Grills carries a vase variety of series, ensuring that not only your needs are met, but also your budget! Whether you're looking for the multi-fuel American Muscle Grill or the budget-friendly Summerset Sizzler series with an infrared backburner, Summerset Grills has you covered! Sunbrite Outdoor Rated TVs Logo30075

Shop all SunBriteTV Products - Enjoy a crisp 4K picture from the comfort of your patio with their line of outdoor TVs from SunBrite TV. The 4K technology of the provides dramatic detail with 4 times the resolution of conventional HD, while the LED backlighting allows you to watch with ease. The full High Dynamic Range (HDR) support offers a wider range of colors than standard TVs, delivering a vibrant picture to your outdoor space. The screen delivers a picture 50 percent brighter than an indoor TV, making this TV suitable for outdoor full-shade conditions, such as a covered patio. This TV is built for permanent outdoor installation with a durable aluminum casing to protect against weather and insects. The thin and sleek appearance will add a stylish modern touch to any outdoor area. Built-in down-firing, 20-watt speakers are included, as well as a media bay to house your favorite streaming devices. This TV features 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB input so it is compatible with 4K sources and gives you a variety of connectivity options. The TV is compatible with VESA, a mounting pattern used universally across the industry, so mounting is easy and convenient. SunGlo Patio Heaters Logo30075

Shop all Sunglo Products - Since 1967 Sunglo has been manufacturing USA-made residential and commercial-grade outdoor gas patio heaters! Sunglo patio heaters operate quietly, using highly-efficient infrared radiant energy, this heating method is simple to operate and draft-free. There are four basic models of the Sunglo patio heater line to provide as much flexibility in patio design as possible. For uncovered settings, the Sunglo PSA265 is the best choice by providing a permanent post mount with the option of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic ignition systems. Furthermore, the Sunglo A242 adds versatility by providing the convenience and economy of a natural gas heater, but with the flexibility of a portable heater. For a complete portable and self-contained appliance, the Sunglo A270 propane heater can be set up almost anywhere. Lastly, for covered settings and commercial application, the Sunglo A244 is a suspended heater that will heat the patio while leaving the floor free of obstruction. Sunpak Patio Heaters Logo30075

Shop all Sunpak Products - Since 1966 Sunpak has been manufacturing residential and commercial-grade outdoor hanging gas patio heaters! Sunpak patio heaters operate using highly-efficient infrared radiant energy, this heating method is simple to operate and draft-free. Produced with pride in the USA since 1966 Sunpak heaters warm objects rather than trying to inefficiently heat the air. Sunpak patio heaters have been installed worldwide in thousands of premium residential and discerning commercial installations. All Sunpak hanging patio gas heaters are CSA Design Certified and are equipped for clean-burning, cost-effective, and highly efficient natural gas or propane fuels. Sunpak heaters are designed certified for outdoor use and outdoor installations only. Tagwood Grills Logo30075

Shop all Tagwood BBQ Products - The Tagwood BBQ Santa Maria Argentine grills are made entirely of 304-grade stainless steel to guarantee its performance. This Santa Maria grill Includes eight(8) s-haped meat hooks allowing you to hang meat such as tri-tip, sausage and many other type of meat to smoke and long-duration cooking sessions. The Tagwood BBQ BBQ03SS provides three(3) different grilling areas - a main cooking grate with a height adjustable system, a secondary grate and griddle where you can cook your favorite vegetables and breakfast meals. Put all of these cooking surfaces together, you will get a total of 731 square inches of grilling space. The height-adjustable cooking grate gives you the possibility to control the cooking temperature. Use the crank to move the main grates up or down depending on what you need (closer to the coals = more heat to sear. Away from coal = less heat for slow cooking). The fire brick firebox gaucho style brasero allows you to light up the charcoal quicker and with less effort, you can use wood charcoal or firewood based on your preference to grill like a gaucho. Slow cook some short ribs for 4 hours, some argentine sausage or chorizo, or smoke a fish on the main grate while cooking some potatoes on the secondary grate. Bottom and right wall are covered with firebricks which extends the product durability but also helps spread the heat evenly. The Tagwood Santa Maria Charcoal Grill includes a bottle opener, UV resistant cover, 304-grade stainless steel shovel and coal rake, four(4) swivel casters(2 with brake). 5 year limited warranty U Line Ice Makers Logo30075

Shop all U-Line Products - When it comes to ensuring that you're putting the highest-quality ice maker, refrigerator or kegerator into your outdoor kitchen, U-Line is that brand! Since 1962 U-Line has been manufacturing its products in the United States, with innovation, quality, and value. U-Line is known for creating some incredible products, but none more incredible than their line of Nugget Ice Machines. The U-Line Nugget ice makers are designed with the residential customer in mind, providing unsurpassed performance with industry exclusive features such as 90 pounds of ice production per day, commercial-grade water filtration systems and ice adjustability. Ukiah Fire Pits Logo30075

Shop all Ukiah Fire Pits Products - Based in the Pacific Northwest, Ukiah Co. Fire Pits was founded in 2018 with a mission to offer the world products never before seen in the outdoor living market. Their goal is to offer affordable, top-quality outdoor entertainment fire pits with unique and trend-setting styles that bring people together. Ukiah Fire Pits is the Originator of Beat To Music Responsive Flame Technology (BTM), their fire pits become alive with flames that move to the music. The patented BTM mode syncs your favorite music to the fire in perfect harmony, creating the most impressive fire show ever produced. Elevate the mood of any gathering with our BTM capable portable and home models. The Ukiah Tailgater II Fire Pit takes your outing to the next level with the most versatile portable fire pit on the market. The Ukiah Tailgater’s built-in audio system utilizes two 3 inch marine-grade speakers with vibration boards for amazing quality audio. Connect wirelessly and enjoy audio with fire ambiance anywhere you want to be. Ukiah, simply the best and most portable fire pit on the market.