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Bull Outdoor Products has been manufacturing gas grills for over 27 years so they know a thing or two when it comes to building high-quality outdoor barbecues. In 1993, Mark Nureddine and his business partner set out to build outdoor gas grills in their 1,300 square foot warehouse. One of the best-selling grills to ever be offered out of a Bull BBQ catalog was the 5-burner 38-inch Brahma. Fast forward 27 years and the Bull Brahma has been the cornerstone of Bull's success, offering industry-leading features, a Lifetime Warranty, and a price point that is more affordable when compared to any of its competition. Bull Outdoor Product says it best, "the Bull Brahma will be the last outdoor gas grill you'll ever buy". What makes the 5-burner Brahma so incredible, how has it been able to stand the test of time, and why do we feel the Bull BBQ 5-burner gas grill is truly the best gas grill in the industry? We're going to tell you the truth. No bull!

Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

Heavy Duty Casters

Cast Stainless Steel Burners

Dual Halogen Lights

Dual Halogen Lights

Steel Burners

Heavy-Duty Casters

When it comes to purchasing a gas grill, you want something that is efficient, elegant, and powerful. Building an outdoor kitchen, or even investing in a high-quality grill, is a permanent solution to your outdoor grilling needs. You shouldn't even have to worry if replacing it 5 years down the road will be necessary. That's where the Bull BBQ five burner 38 Inch Brahma gas grill comes in. While others charge more or offer a different 'series' of grill, the Bull Brahma is built top to bottom of 304 grade, 14 gauge stainless steel. Most of Bull's competition features a 304-grade hood but only a 430-grade 'magnetic' firebox (this will burn through over 5-7 years, depending on use). The entire Bull grill is constructed of commercial-grade stainless steel. This makes the Bull Brahma perfect for any location, including the beach where the salty marine atmosphere is detrimental to most grills. Open up Bull's 38-inch double-lined grill hood and you're presented with more features than a luxury car sitting on the showroom floor: stainless steel cooking grates, a warming rack with over 1,026 square inches of cooking surface, a 15,000 BTU rear infrared burner with rotisserie kit capable of turning over 20 pounds with ease, five(5) lifetime-warranted cast stainless steel burners that exert 75,000 BTU's of powerful heat, two bright halogen grill lights mounted above the cooking surface to illuminate your food while grilling at night, and a cooking system that was developed by engineering experts at Cal Poly (known as the ReliaBull Cooking System) which improves heat distribution on your grill by 50 percent.

ReliaBull Heat Technology

Typical Gas Grill
ReliaBull Technology

In 2015, Bull Outdoor Products set out to, once again, create another industry-leading feature within their gas grills. Bull took their Brahma Grill to Cal Poly's engineering experts and had one mission: create one of the most even cooking surfaces of any gas grill. After months of tests, Research and Development Cal Poly introduced Bull BBQ to what would be known as the ReliaBull Heat Technology cooking system. The redefined cooking system features smaller holes in the rear of the cast stainless grill burners and then larger holes toward the front of the burners where the gas comes in under the highest pressure. The different sized holes help equalize the gas pressure and flames more evenly along the length of the burners. The steel flame tamers (or heat shields) also have smaller holes at the back of the plates and larger holes upfront. This new technology improves heat distribution on your grill by 50 percent, creates a more even grilling surface, and eliminates hot and cold spots so that you can use your entire grilling surface. Most gas grills produce cold spots that can prevent up to 25-40 percent of the grill from reaching optimal cooking temperatures. When you're buying a gas grill, don't you think you should be able to cook on the entire thing? Bull thinks so!

Bull Brahma Grill Specifications

Bull BBQ Brahma Specifications Data
Exterior Material Stainless Steel
Exterior Stainless Grade/Gauge 304-Grade, 14-Gauge
Number Of Main Burners 5
Main Burner Material Cast Stainless Steel
Grilling Surface BTUs 75,000
Infrared Backburner Yes (Includes Rotisserie Kit)
Infrared Backburner BTUs 15,000
Cooking Grid Dimensions 38-Inch x 19-Inch
Main Grilling Area 760 Square Inches
Secondary Grilling Area 266 Square Inches
Total Grilling Area 1,026 Square Inches
Ignition Type Piezo Ignition
Interior Lighting Yes

Configuration (Built-In or Freestanding)

The Bull 5-Burner Brahma gas grill comes in two different configurations: Built-In, for outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands; and Freestanding, for portable use. The Bull Brahma built-in grill is meant to be installed in a cut-out opening of an outdoor kitchen. Typically, customers also put Bull BBQ's 38-inch double access doors under the Bull Brahma to allow for ease of access to the gas line or propane tank. The second configuration of the Bull Brahma grill is its cart model, or freestanding unit. The Bull BBQ 5-burner Brahma freestanding grill features all the incredible features of the built-in version along with four(4) commercial-grade casters (two locking), two foldable side shelves with tool hangers, and a double-door storage compartment for storing your liquid propane bottle or accessories such as the grill cover or rotisserie kit. It is worth noting, the Bull BBQ freestanding model will come in two separate boxes (one for the grill, another for the grill cart) and will require some assembly. Assembly will include putting the grill on the cart, installing side shelves, and attaching the four casters. Furthermore, additional lifting assistance might be needed to help put the Brahma grill into the grill cart.


The Truth!

The Bull BBQ 5-Burner Brahma is a beast! The Brahma is the big brother to the Angus, offering all the same features and performance but on a much grander cooking surface. With almost three decades of solid performance, industry- leading features and a cooking system developed by leading engineers at Cal Poly, the Bull Brahma is much more than a gas grill - it's what makes Bull the brand that they are. For over 27 years Bull has brought innovation, quality, and performance to an industry that was fine with simple and basic. They chose to take risks, do things that most grill brands wouldn't even dare to do, and create one of the most respected brands in the backyard grilling category. No matter what product you're looking to add to your backyard space - a gas grill, outdoor kitchen storage or even a complete outdoor kitchen, if it has the Bull logo on the front you truly own the best in the industry, and that's no Bull!

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