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Typical Gas Grills vs. Bull BBQ Gas Grills

When it comes to purchasing a new freestanding gas grill or built-in grill for your outdoor kitchen, don't you think you should be able to grill on your entire barbecue? Bull Grills thinks so, that's why they've created the ReliaBull Heat Technology and integrated it with everyone of their Bull gas grills. Typical gas grills produce 'cold spots' on the cooking surface. Meaning, sometimes up to 50% of the cooking surface cannot reach standard cooking temperates, that's over half the grill! Cold spots on a gas grill can prevent food from being cooked to optimal internal cooking temperatures, which can cause sickness and food poisoning. With Bull BBQ, cold spots are a thing of the past!!

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Typical Gas Grill
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What is the Bull ReliaBull Heat Technology?

The ReliaBull Heat Technology was created by leading engineering experts at Cal Poly and improves heat distribution on your Bull grill by 250%. The redefined cooking system (ReliaBull Technology) features smaller holes in the rear of the cast stainless grill burners and then larger holes toward the front of the burners where the gas comes in under the highest pressure. The different sized holes help equalize the gas pressure and flames more evenly along the length of the burners. The steel flame tamers (or heat shields) also have smaller holes at the back of the plates and larger holes upfront. The new ReliaBull technology improves heat distribution on your grill by 50 percent, creates a more even grilling surface, and eliminates hot and cold spots so that you can use your entire grilling surface. Not only does ReliaBull improve cooking performance, but it also regulates gas pressure more evenly, thus saving you fuel and money! Comparing the old Bull BBQ cooking system to the new ReliaBull Heat Technology, Bull BBQ saw a 7% increase in overall fuel consumption.

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ReliaBull Heat Technology 2
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With the ReliaBull Heat Technology you'll never have to worry about your food being cooked evenly and to optimal internal temperatures, never have to worry about only grilling half of your hamburgers at once and you'll be able to enjoy your entire Bull gas grill, because after all, that is the reason you're buying a grill!

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