Pacific Teak Millworks Storage Drawers

All Pacific Teak Millworks storage drawers feature solid teak drawer boxes and fronts and include premium self/ soft-close under mount drawer glides. They also feature our exclusive PVC drawer bottoms for extra durability and easy cleanup. 18-inch single drawers provide plenty of storage for kitchen utensils and serving ware, yet are compact enough to fit above our lower cabinets on standard 36-inch high counter tops. 30-inch single drawers are a great storage option above our 30-inch double access door and other cabinets, but with nearly double the storage space of a standard 18-inch drawer. Pacific Teak 18-inch double drawer cabinets are compact to fit under grills and other appliances. They feature two(2) drawers 10-inch deep for ample storage of cooking and kitchen utensils, grilling tools, serving ware, and cleaning supplies. The new 2021 triple drawers store tons of goodies and can fit all our handy drawer accessories to organize everything just the way you want. They include a 6inch drawer above a pair of larger 10-inch drawers. If you’re short on space but big on supplies, this is the cabinet for you.