RCS Insulated Grill Jacket for Premier Series 40-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

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Model #: LJRJC40



Insulated Grill Jackets

The best outdoor kitchen you can design is a safe and reliable one. Often times, BBQ Islands and Outdoor Kitchens are built using a mixture of combustible materials (lumber, plastic, resin, and other combustible materials), without proper protection, these materials can burn and may catch on fire, that's where an insulated grill jacket comes in. Insulated Grill Jackets are self-rimming stainless steel sleeves that fit the make and model of our grill, exactly. Insulated grill jackets are self-rimming, meaning they are built into an outdoor kitchen just like a typical grill. Once the insulated grill jacket is installed, simply place your built-in grill into the sleeve and connect your gas line and electrical hook-ups as usual. Insulated grill jackets are required by law to be used if an outdoor kitchen is being constructed using any combustible material (lumber, plastic, resin, and other combustible materials). The result of building an outdoor kitchen using combustible materials and NOT using an insulated grill jacket can result in serious injury and even death! If you're unsure if your outdoor kitchen is made of combustible material, always play it safe and ensure that your outdoor gas grill is using an insulated grill jacket.