Rotisserie Kits

Rotisserie cooking allows you to expand your cooking catalog and bring a new cooking method to your outdoor BBQ Grill. When it comes to getting the absolute most out of your backyard BBQ Grill, it's simply not possible without a rotisserie kit! Rotisserie cooking on your backyard BBQ grill will allow you to cook meals such as a rib roast, whole chickens and turkeys, roasts and whole pigs (depending on the weight). Rotisserie kits include a rotisserie motor that can turn anywhere between 25-100 pounds of meat (depending on the model), a strong rotisserie spit rod, two rotisserie meat forms with clamps to secure your meat to the rotisserie rod and weight to balance the weight of the meat. Rotisserie kits are made for a specific make and model of a grill and cannot be customized to custom-fit a preexisting outdoor grill. If you need assistance to find a rotisserie kit that will work with your grill, please give us a call!