Primo Compact Cypress Prep Table

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Model #: 607


Side Shelves

When it comes to prep room on an outdoor BBQ Grill, there never simply is enough! If you find your self having to place the next meal that will be cooked on your patio grill on it's cooking grates, then maybe it's time to expand your prep space with a BBQ side shelf or side table. Most outdoor grills come equipped with a foldable or fixed side shelf (also known as BBQ side wings) that sits on the left and right side of the grill. However, some models offer this as a separate item and some don't include them at all. A BBQ side shelf allows you the needed prep space to place your next meal that will be cooked, a place for food to come off the grill and be plated, or simply a place to hold your drink while you're barbecuing for your family. BBQ side shelves are sold for freestanding gas grills, kamado grills and many more variations.