BBQ Griddles

With the addition of a solid cooking surface on your outdoor barbecue gas grill, you can enjoy a variety of meals that you would normally prepare indoors or enjoy recipes you have yet to experiment with. With a BBQ Griddle, you can cook breakfast or any dish that includes eggs, provide a nice sear on delicate seafood, prepare authentic regional cuisines like cheesesteak sandwiches or grill chopped vegetables without worrying about them falling through the gaps on the grill grates. A BBQ grill griddle will greatly expand the cooking experience of your BBQ grill. Grill griddles will usually feature a lower front area separate from the main cooking surface. This is designed as a grease reservoir, to capture any excess oils from the foods while being cooked. There are universal grill griddles that rest on top of the grill grate surface. These are available in numerous sizes and shapes and can be utilized on a variety of BBQ grill brands. Grill BBQ griddles can also be found as an accessory attachment for a particular brand of grill, or model of cooking appliance. These will be designed in a way that limits them from sliding or moving around while using the griddle. Some may secure themselves in place on top of the grill grate, while others will actually integrate themselves into the cooking surface, replacing a designated section of grill grate material. This allows an even more secure griddle experience. Griddles can be constructed of cast iron, porcelain-coated steel and stainless steel. Cast iron offers excellent heat distribution, porcelain-coated offers non stick properties and stainless steel tends to be the easiest to use, clean and maintain.