Teak Outdoor Kitchen Storage

When it comes to elevating your outdoor kitchen to a new level of luxury and achieving a contemporary design, look no further than our collection of teak outdoor kitchen storage access doors, storage drawers, and cabinets. Teak wood is the only serious choice for solid wood outdoor cabinetry, no other wood in the world compares to teak in its elegance, durability, stability, and low maintenance. In fact, teak storage requires less maintenance and will last even longer than stainless steel storage. Teak’s grain pattern and patina place it among the world’s most beautiful hardwoods and considered by woodworkers to be of the finest quality. Teak is famous for its tensile strength and straight grain which resist warping and shrinkage, making it one of the few hardwoods strong and stable enough for solid wood doors and cabinet fabrication. For centuries, Teak has been the top choice for shipbuilders and outdoor furniture makers alike for centuries due to its ability to withstand any weather, and for its resistance to decay. Teak wood is naturally repellent to moisture and insects, and virtually immune to the effects of extreme weather including hot sun, rain, frost, and snow. It will easily last 100 years unaffected if left unprotected outdoors. Teak beams many centuries old are commonly seen in good condition, including in palaces and temples over 1,000 years old. In fact, intact teak structures have been discovered buried in the jungles of Southeast Asia dating back 1,000 years. Teak is the only wood in the world that can make these claims. If you're looking to step away from stainless steel and move into some a bit more elegant and longer-lasting, than teak outdoor kitchen storage is the way to get it done!