Access Doors

Access doors provide access to the interior of your outdoor kitchen, allowing you quick and easy access to your gas line, plumbing, and water or electrical. Outdoor kitchen access doors come in a variety of sizes, hinge-types, and a number of doors. Single access doors, come in a horizontal or vertical configuration with either a left-hinge or right-hinge handle design, this allows you complete customization when placing storage into your BBQ island. Single access doors typically come in a 14-inch by 20-inch size and go as large as 17-inches by 24-inches. Double access doors feature two(2) doors located on each side, that when both open provide ample access to the interior of your outdoor kitchen. Double access doors are typically placed under your built-in gas grill and can be ordered to match the width of your grill, providing a streamlined look and feel. Access doors are required for any outdoor kitchen design and should be placed primarily where gas, electrical and plumbing products will be, so you have quick and easy access to the connections and shut-off valves.