Storage Drawers

Storage drawers can greatly contribute to the function and enjoyment of an outdoor kitchen or BBQ island. They will allow you to store and retrieve a variety of items including barbecue tools, cooking accessories, bar accessories and there are insulated storage drawers that you can fill with ice to keep beverages and foods chilled. While some of the smaller single utility drawers have an open-top, the majority of storage drawers are fully boxed in or sealed, ensuring that they stay free of excessive dust and insects. Single utility drawers can be found with a low height profile making these ideals for the upper portion of the cabinet, acting similar to a drawer that would house silverware or smaller cooking utensils in an indoor kitchen. Single drawers can also be found in a taller height and there are large storage single drawers, which are sometimes referred to as masonry drawers. Double drawers will allow a little bit more storage for your barbecue tools and accessories and these can be found in both a vertical and horizontal format. These can be added at any location in an outdoor kitchen and are sometimes added directly under a side burner or near a sink or bar area. There are also double drawers with an integrated paper towel holder on the top portion. These will look like triple drawers but the top drawer tilts down revealing the housed paper towel. There are also triple drawers available to further increase your storage capacity.