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When you’re building an outdoor kitchen, one of the top priories to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your outdoor kitchen, is storage. At BBQGrills.com we carry a vast array of outdoor kitchen storage products, helping you get exactly what you want out of your outdoor kitchen! Access doors, whether single or double, work perfectly underneath a matching-width grill, sink or bar center. Access doors provide access to your plumbing, electrical and gas line in an outdoor kitchen. Storage drawers provide storage in your outdoor kitchen, for items like tools, charcoal, plates, and other accessories. Door and drawer combos are the perfect combinations of an access door and storage drawer, saving you space to add other pieces like - trash bins, paper towel bin holders and propane tank slide-out drawers. There are countless storage options available from warming drawers for food, to ice chests for refreshing libations.

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