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Patio Heaters offers an impressive variety of patio heaters to help you enjoy outdoor activities all year round. Sometimes even on a colder night, one may like to sit outside to look at the stars, cook some grilled food, or talk to family members while watching the snowfall. By warming up the area around them, these units make outdoor activities enjoyable all year round. Those with larger areas to warm might opt for the freestanding patio heater model which can be wheeled on any deck or flat surface to provide a more comfortable temperature for the surrounding area. Those who have tables and other types of furniture may choose to go with the tabletop patio heater variation, which is good for close-quarters gatherings. Looking for a heater tom mount to your current gazebo or covered patio? We carry a wide variety of wall-mounted and hanging patio heater models to provide easier movement for those in the area. These units stay out of the way and provide a stable source of warmth on any outdoor structure. Gas and electric variants are both available, allowing the property owner to choose which model they prefer. This can vary based on which resource is more easily affordable in the area. When it comes to enjoying your backyard patio, why only enjoy it during the hot summer months, with an outdoor patio heater you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round.