Alturi Grills Teak Wood Grill Handle for 30-Inch Alturi Gas Grills

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Model #: ALT30-HTK



Grill Replacement Parts

As time passes and the effects of constant usage mounts up against your BBQ grill, the need for replacement parts can arise. The most frequently replaced grill parts are burners, cooking grates, flame tamers or heat shields above the burners, ignition systems, and interior lighting parts. The occasional need for a replacement gas valve, rotisserie kit, and ceramic or infrared burners can occur as well. If you do not require parts but instead would like to replace your current grill cart base, or turn a built-in grill into a freestanding model, we have the grill carts to make your grill mobile. We also offer gas connections to get your grill up and running for the first time or like new once again and covers to keep it protected. Looking to convert your grill from liquid propane to natural gas, or the opposite, we carry grill conversion kits that can have your grill covered in as little as 30 minutes. If there is a grill part number listed in your owners manual, we either have the part in stock or can order it and have it shipped right away. Before ordering grill parts, please refer to our policies regarding grill parts and ensure your responsibility in ordering the correct items.