Side Cookers

When it comes to expanding your outdoor kitchen and providing more cooking performance, a side cooker can give you all the right results. Side cookers come in a variety of styles (side burners, power burners, and searing stations). Side burners are the most popular of the variety and feature either one or two burners that sit directly below a cooking grate, these burners (like a cooktop in an indoor kitchen) allow you to cook side dishes such as beans, corn, and sauces without having to run back and fourth between your outdoor kitchen and your indoor one. Want to take it to the next level and try boiling stock pots, lobster or gumbo, then you’re going to want to check out our selection of power burners. Power burners feature a two-stage burner and produce upwards of 75,000 BTU’s, perfect for stock pot cooking and trying new meals like surf and turf. The best way to put a power burner into your outdoor kitchen is to lower the burner 18-24 inches above the sub-floor, this will allow the top of your stock pot to be at eye-level. Whether you’re looking to add a side burner or power burner to your outdoor kitchen, you’ll never go wrong with the additional cooking support of a side cooker.