Ice Bin Coolers

When entertaining is a must but space is limited, an ice bin cooler can transform the entire functionality of any outdoor kitchen. Outdoor ice bin coolers (also known as outdoor kitchen ice chests) feature an all stainless steel design that’s been insulated with either spray foam or insulation. This insulation helps keep ice cold for long periods of time and ensures that your drinks will be cold throughout the entire party. Most ice bin coolers feature either hinged lids or removable lids with large handles. These lids feature a heavy-duty gasket around the outer permitter of the lid to ensure that when closed, the cold temperature will not escape. While most ignore this fact, ice bin coolers should surely be judged off the tightness and thickness of their seal, as this is what is going to determine a good ice chest from a low-quality model. When it comes to serving up ice, many ice bin coolers also include condiment trays. These trays sit directly above the ice and utilize the self-rimming lip of the interior and hold condiments such as cherries, strawberries, orange peels, and other garnishes for cocktails and daiquiri-style drinks.

Ice Bin Coolers come in three different configurations for your outdoor kitchen and backyard patio, allowing you the perfect unit to supply all of your guests with their ice and entertaining needs:

  • Drop-In Ice Bin Coolers - Ice Bin Coolers that feature a drop-in design drop directly into the countertop of the BBQ Island. These outdoor ice chests are perfect for incorporating into corner sections of a BBQ island where space is limited and when trying to keep the ice chest ‘out of the way’.
  • Built-In Ice Bin Coolers - Built-In Outdoor Ice Chests feature the same build and design of a built-in gas grill: the front panel of the ice bin will stick out of the BBQ Islands’ face. In most all built-in ice bin coolers a bottle rail or speed rail will be featured on the front of the ice bin cooler and allows for the perfect place to store alcohol, mixing liquids and flavoring for mixed drinks.
  • Freestanding Ice Bin Coolers - Not often made, but occasionally asked for, customers will request a freestanding ice bin cooler. These ice bin coolers feature a freestanding base with four(4) heavy-duty casters, allowing you the ability to wheel your ice bin cooler and drink station around your back patio.

Outdoor Ice Chests are perfect for not only keeping drinks cold, but having a steady supply of ice in an organized section of your outdoor kitchen. If entertaining guests is a huge part of your BBQ island vision, then adding an ice bin cooler - either built-in or drop-in - to your outdoor kitchen is a win. With an ice chest in your outdoor kitchen, the drinks will always be cold and you’ll be glad you didn’t run out of ice. Listed below is a list of some of our best ice bin coolers based on durability, construction and craftsmanship.