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Primo Ceramic Grills

More American than Apple Pie, Primo Ceramic Grills offer the best in charcoal kamado cooking. Primo Ceramic Grills feature a patented oval-shaped design which gives them the name Primo Oval Grills, this oval design adds an additional 30% more cooking surface than typical kamado grills. Primo Grills are the only kamado grill on the market that features 100% American-made construction, Lifetime Warranty, and a 20-year guarantee. There's simply no other ceramic grill on the market that can compete with that! Primo Grills ensure you're getting the most durable ceramic grill on the market, your investment will be covered and last for years to come and the nostalgic charcoal flavor will surround your backyard patio for years to come. Primo Ceramic Grills come in three sizes - the Primo Oval XL 400 (Primo's Top-Selling Model), the Primo LG 300, and the travel-sized Primo Oval Jr 200.