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Pellet Grills

Quickly becoming the craze in the barbecue community, pellet grills offer an enjoyable tasteful cooking experience with the added convince of ease of use. The term ‘set it and forget it’ was founded through pellet grilling. Simply load your pellet hopper with natural hardwood pellets, choose your desired temperature on your control panel and you’re done. Most pellet grill models feature a wide temperature range offering the ability to smoke, bake, grill, sear and create artisan-style pizzas, all in one appliance. Recently, a majority of pellet grills feature Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to control, ignite and lower the temperature of your grill, all from your smartphone. When selecting pellets for your pellet grill, there are numerous types of hardwoods available to impart a specific flavor into the food. Pellets can also be mixed together inside the pellet hopper to create your own unique blend. There are brands of pellets available that claim to be a certain wood variety, yet they merely hint at the flavor because they are comprised of a low ratio of the desired wood with a higher ratio of a lesser grade wood, used as a filling agent. You can rest assure that BBQGrills.com only sells the best 100% natural hardwood pellets.